Catheter Core Technology

Reinforced tubing is frequently used for diagnostic catheters, guide catheters, high pressure contrast injection tubing, and other minimally invasive devices. Adding reinforcement to the plastic tube wall improves torque transmission, kink resistance, column strength and internal pressure resistance.

Reinforcements are constructed from metal or polymer fibers, and applied in braided or coiled constructions depending on the application requirements. Application of the reinforcement is typically performed over a thin-wall polymer tube. An outer polymer layer is extruded or hand assembled and reflowed over the reinforcement layer to form the multilayer construction.

Dunn’s Catheter Core technology is precision extruded, solid acetal rod, which is supplied on continuous spools for ease of use during catheter processing operations. These cores are used throughout this process to maintain critical inside wall dimensions during initial extrusion of the inner polymer layer, application of the reinforcing fiber layer, and extrusion or ”jacketing” of the outer layer. Core diameter tolerances set us apart from in-house or competitive options.

Catheter Core diameter range (inches)Standard tolerances (+/- inches)
0.0250 – 0.10690.0005
0.1070 – 0.12190.001
0.1220 – 0.15090.002
0.1510 – 0.22490.003
0.2250 – 0.30000.004

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